Virtualization Services

Virtualization and Application delivery are technologies that are capturing the mindshare of many CIO’s as they deliver cost effectiveness, enhance performance, reduce global warming and enhance IT security. Keeping pace with technology, Yoinsights has made investments in developing the skills and expertise required to deliver state of the art solutions to its customers. By our partnering with technology leaders in this space, customers are assured of excellent and appropriate solution design and flawless execution

Our extensive experience in IT Infrastructure Management and OS management helps us provide customers with effective and efficient management of Virtualization of servers, storage and networks, and an ever increasing deftness to adapt and evolve with technology. We have developed an ability to manage complexity within the environment and reduce risk from business and technology perspectives.

The core functions around Virtualization services include:

  1. Server consolidation & Infrastructure optimization
  2. Software Life cycle Automation
  3. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  4. Desktops Virtualization
  5. Storage Virtualization
  6. Printing Virtualization
  7. High Availability and Fault Tolerant Solutions (For Virtual and Physical Environments)
  8. Data Center & Application Workloads Migration and Optimization Solutions
  9. Cloud Computing
  10. Business continuity & Disaster recovery
  11. Development & Test Optimization
  12. Virtual Infrastructure design & planning
  13. Virtual Infrastructure Management & Monitoring
  14. Virtualization Support Maintenance Contracts