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Computer Technologies
  1. Computer History
  2. Computing Process
  3. Computing Hardware
  4. Computing Software

  1. CPU core concepts
  2. CPU Memory & RAM
  3. Modern CPUs
  4. Selecting and Installing
  5. Troubleshooting CPUs

  1. Understanding DRAM
  2. Types of RAM
  3. Working with RAM
  4. Troubleshooting with RAM

  1. CMOS
  2. Option ROM and Devices Drivers
  3. POST
  4. Care and feeding of BIOS & CMOS

  1. How Motherboard Work
  2. Expansion Bus
  3. Upgrading and Installing Motherboards
  4. Troubleshooting Motherboards

Power Supplies
  1. Component of Power Supplies
  2. Installing and Maintaining Power Supplies
  3. Troubleshooting Power Supplies

Hard Drive Technologies
  1. How HDD works
  2. Parallel and Serial ATA
  3. Protecting DATA with RAID
  4. Installing Drives
  5. Troubleshooting Hard Drive Installation

Implementing Hard Drives
  1. Hard Drive Partitions
  2. Hard Drive Formatting
  3. Partitioning, Formatting and Pooling Process
  4. Maintaining & Troubleshooting Hard Drive

Essential Peripherals
  1. Supporting Common Ports
  2. Common Peripherals
  3. Keyboards, Pointing Devices, Touch Screen & etc.
  4. Storage Devices Network
  5. Flash Memory, Optical Drives, Magnetic Storage

Building PC
  1. Specialized Custom PCs
  2. Installing & Upgrading Windows
  3. Post-Installation Tasks
  4. Installing Windows 10

Windows Under the Hood
  1. Registry
  2. The Boot Process
  3. Processes, Services and Threads
  4. Tools for Programmers

Users, Groups and Permissions
  1. Authentication with Users and Groups
  2. Authorization Through NTFS
  3. Sharing Resources Securely
  4. Beyond Sharing Users and Groups

Maintaining and Optimizing Operating Systems
  1. Maintaining and Optimizing Systems
  2. Optimizing Operating Systems
  3. Preparing for Problems

Working with the Command-Line Interface
  1. Command Line Interface
  2. Working with files
  3. Assorted Windows Commands

Troubleshooting Operating systems
  1. Boot Failure
  2. Failure to Start Normally
  3. Application Problems

  1. What is Virtualization
  2. Why Do We Virtualize?
  3. Real-world Virtualization

Display Technologies
  1. CRT Monitors
  2. Display Adapters

The Internet
  1. How Internet Works
  2. Connecting to the Internet
  3. Internet Protocols

Portable Computing
  1. Portable Computing Devices
  2. Extending Portable Computers
  3. Managing and Maintaining Portable Computers
  4. Upgrading, Troubleshooting and Repairing Laptop Computers

Understanding Mobile Devices
  1. Types of Mobile Devices
  2. Introduction of Big Three Mobile OSs
  3. Overview of Mobile OSs
  4. Securing Mobile Devices

Printers and Multifunction Devices
  1. Multifunction Printer Technologies
  2. Laser Printing Process
  3. Installing a Multifunction Device
  4. Troubleshooting Printers

Securing Computers
  1. Analyzing Threats
  2. Securing Concepts and Technologies
  3. Network Security