2. Yoinsights SAP MM Training
  2. Yoinsights SAP MM Training

Materials Management module in SAP consists of several components and sub-components. The most prominent and widely used are Master Data, Purchasing and Inventory. All of these components have their sub-components that are essential in specific business processes, and all of the processes are executed by using transactions.

Transaction (in SAP) means processing of certain information in order to complete business process requirement. For example, if you have purchased 10 pieces of litter buckets, you can perform particular transaction code (t-code) that will reflect those changes in SAP. Most of the business processes involve multiple SAP transactions to be accomplished and are spread over one, two or more modules.

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SAP Materials Management Introduction
  1. Introduction to ERP
  2. Introduction to SAP
  3. SAP R/3 Architecture
  4. ASAP Methodology
  5. Procurement Process

Basic Settings
  1. Global Settings
  2. Company code for Material Management
  3. Plant Parameters
  4. Purchase organization
  5. Plant
  6. Assign Plant to Purchase Organization
  7. Storage Location
  8. Purchase Group
  9. Material Group

Master Data
  1. Material Master
  2. Vendor Master
  3. Purchasing Info Record
  4. Source List
  5. Quota Arrangement

Procurement of Stock and Consumable Material
  1. Request for Quotation Management
  2. Quotation Processing
  3. Purchase requisition Creation
  4. Purchase Order Creation
  5. Contracts
  6. Scheduling Agreements
  7. Blanket Purchase Order
  8. Automatic PO Creation

Optimized Purchasing
  1. Processing Non-Assigned Purchase Requisitions
  2. Processing Assigned Purchase Requisitions

Inventory Management
  1. Goods Receipts
  2. Reservations and Goods Issue
  3. Stock Transfers
  4. Transfer Posting
  5. Special Inventory Management Features
  6. Stock Transport Order

  1. Master Data
  2. Purchasing Documents
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Enterprise Structure

Special Processes
  1. Consignment
  2. Subcontracting
  3. Pipeline Process
  4. Service Procurement

Physical Inventory
  1. Physical Inventory Management
  2. Cycle Counting
  3. Inventory Sampling
  4. Message Output Determination
  5. Pricing Procedure
  6. Release Strategies
  7. Batch Management

  1. MM-FI Integration
  2. MM-SD Integration

Invoice Verification
  1. Basic Invoice Verification
  2. Credit Memos
  3. Subsequent Debits and Credits
  4. Variances and Blocking
  5. GR/IR Account Maintenances