Yoinsights Offers Solutions, Consulting, Training, Placement and IT Resource Consulting. delivers IT resource consulting services that meet real business needs of our clients. IT Infrastructure Services. From helping you choose the right solution for your needs, customizing and implementing it efficiently, to developing customized software or providing professional services to meet your other IT, Electrical and Electronics services requirements, YOINSIGHTS CONSULTING SERVICES brings to you Consulting, Technology and Software Engineering services that are world class.

YOINSIGHTS CONSULTING SERVICES is an acknowledged leader in the customization and implementation of Microsoft Business Solutions. We have implemented and support Navision for clients across the globe. These clients include organizations engaged in diverse business lines and requiring the entire gamut of solutions ranging from financial management, manufacturing, distribution, retail, CRM, services and e-commerce.

YOINSIGHTS CONSULTING SERVICES has also custom developed a range of complex products and systems. These have included web based supply-chain management systems, eCommerce systems, CRM applications, PCB Design, Embedded System Solution and high end products for marketing automation and eBusiness framework and Cloud Solutions.

The Professional Services practice enables us meet your diverse IT, Electrical and Electronics services requirements either at your locations or from our Offshore Development and Services Center in India.

Core Services – at a Glance

IT Services & Solutions

  • Server Management

    Server Management Services are designed to address a SME and Enterprise’s entire server platform needs from design, deployment and migration to optimization. Our services ensure better server utilization rates, improved system availability and increase performance.
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  • Network Management

    Networking Solutions are highly mandatory for success of any organization. At Yoinsights we offer reliable stability and flexibility in our networking solutions; which is coupled with delivering robust performance. We deliver simplistic yet consistent solutions that are flexible and in accordance to client requirements.
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  • Database Management

    Database Management and Maintenance is a tedious task for any organization in today’s context. In this era of stiff competition, organizations need to ensure that their databases are up round the clock and are scalable to handle unforeseen loads.
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  • Storage Management

    Storage is a crucial part of IT infrastructure and companies need to build a strong environment that is both reliable and cost effective. The challenge is not only selecting a storage technology to deploy from a bewildering number of products, but also what to deploy that will integrate well in the existing infrastructure and maximize asset utilization
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  • Big Data & Analytics

    Whether Big Data becomes your greatest asset or a huge liability depends on putting the right strategies and solutions in place in the near term. Big Data is more than just big hardware and lots of data- companies will find significantly more value by knowing why they are collecting data and what answers will most impact the bottom line before starting any Big Data Project.
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  • Infrastructure Consulting

    Utilize innovative tools, automated analysis to give customers insight into what is driving IT complexity. We can deliver a set of practical executable plans for simplifying IT infrastructure, helping reduce operating costs while freeing up resources for new business initiatives.
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  • Virtualization Services

    Virtualization and Application delivery are technologies that are capturing the mindshare of many CIO’s as they deliver cost effectiveness, enhance performance, reduce global warming and enhance IT security. Keeping pace with technology, Yoinsights has made investments in developing the skills and expertise required to deliver state of the art solutions to its customers.
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  • App Backup and Recovery

    Availability of all mission critical and business critical applications is utmost important for any business. Constant monitoring and Performance Management of these Applications is taken as highest priority at any time.
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  • Remote Infra Management

    The top priority of any business enterprise is to ensure that the overall infrastructure is intact with its availability, performance and applications along with the critical objective of optimal operational service. Thus, business enterprises ensure proper infrastructure management services capable of achieving the set business object with the proper response time.
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Industrial Services & Solutions

  • Industrial Sales

    We provide industrial components of various makes according to consumer’s requirements.Also in case of non-availability or higher price, compatible components will be made available. Cost effective & quality solutions for Electrical/Electronic Components used in Industrial Applications will be provided.
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  • Industrial Services

    We are involved in industrial automation, electrical panel design, repairs and services of various components. For better serving of our clients we choose and implement best and suitable technology for various industries. We are customer oriented and committed to provide today’s best and affordable technology in a proper way.
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  • Industrial Repairs

    We provide onsite services for attending breakdown of machineries in various industries. Accurate solutions for long term problems will also be provided after analyzing root cause without affecting their product quality. To minimize machine downtime Emergency technical phone support & remote troubleshooting facility will be available to avoid/reduce production loss with proper root cause analysis.
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