Industrial Services

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We are involved in industrial automation, electrical panel design, repairs and services of various components. For better serving of our clients we choose and implement best and suitable technology for various industries. We are customer oriented and committed to provide today’s best and affordable technology in a proper way.

We offer best services for industry oriented works at economical rates.

  1. Electrical Control Panels:
  2. We are developers & suppliers of Electrical Control panel boards.
    We designed control panel according to customer’s demand & on field applications by using best quality components for better efficiency & Reliability.

    We design & provide following Electrical Control as per customer’s requirement:

  3. PLC Control Panel
  4. Relay Control Panel
  5. Automation Control Panel
  6. Customized Control Panel
  7. Conversion of Manual running machine in Semi/Fully Automatic mode:
  8. Innovative Solutions will be provided & applied for conversion of manual running machineries in Semi Auto of Fully Automatic modes to reduce machine’s down time and can result in greater efficiency of machine.Machines will be programmed & Designed with various Microcontrollers, PLCs, HMIs, SCADA or other ways depending on customer’s requirement.

  9. Machine Erection & Commissioning:
  10. We do erection/ commissioning work for machineries in industries like Textile, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals & other process & Packaging Industries.Turnkey project solutions will be available.

  11. AMCs for machineries:
  12. We take AMCs for machineries from various Industrial sectors for maintaining proper health of machines.
    Machine checklist points will be covered up during certain fixed intervals. Apart from that machine health status will be prepared from time to time & anything which seems abnormal in its functionality will be attended on priority basis.