Veritas Volume Manager



Veritas Volume Manager training from Yoinsights helps IT professionals to effectively manage and maintain a server deployment. It ensures that your applications are up and running 24×7 without any need for manual intervention. Veritas Volume Manager supports hydrogenous environment, peta bytes, 4000 sub disks per 1 vmdisk & Online file system management. Volume Manager offers an efficient solution for Fast file system recovery as well. This Volume Manager course will equip you with core skills to install, configure, administer, maintain and troubleshoot a Volume Manager. Prove your mettle by qualifying VxVM exam and validating your knowledge and expertise in successfully operating and managing Veritas Volume Manager.

Yoinsights is the ultimate Veritas Volume Manager institute. We can proudly say that students trained at our institute have very good command on the subject than those trained elsewhere. Course material covering all the topics is given to help the students learn better. Daily assignments and regular assessments are conducted to help groom their technical skills. Good learning environment, regular assistance and well cataloged training procedures are the key features of Yoinsights Veritas Volume Manager Training in Surat, India.


  1. Storage Foundation Course Introduction
  2. FAQ – about Storage Foundation
  3. Search for latest Veritas Storage Foundation patch information
  4. Installation of SF6.2 on Linux
  5. Post-Installation Tidbits
  6. Installation FAQs
  7. Overview of Storage Virtualization

Veritas Virtual Objects and Operations
  1. Veritas Virtual Objects
  2. Hands-on Lab – Veritas Disk Operations
  3. Veritas Disk naming Conventions
  4. Discussion time – Students Job Experiences

Veritas Volume Operations
  1. Veritas Volume Layouts
  2. Hands-on-Lab Disk Group Operations
  3. Veritas Volume Operations – Concat Volume
  4. Creating Mirrored Volumes from Concat volumes

Veritas Disk Group Operations
  1. Disk Group Operations – Deport and Import
  2. Volume related Operations before Import and Deport
  3. Know about vxlist Command
  4. Verifying Available Disk Space in a Disk Group
  5. Removing Virtual Objects – Disks, Disk Groups and Volumes

Real Time Configurations
  1. Real-time Scenario – Storage Addition and Reclaim from Veritas Disk groups
  2. Veritas Disk Shredding
  3. Conceptual Overview – Volume Resize, DRL Logs, Deport and Import
  4. Hands-on Lab – Volume Resize
  5. Hands-on Lab – Adding a DRL log to a mirrored

  1. New Features of Storage Foundation 6.x
  2. VxFS Features – Part1
  3. VxFS Features – Part 2

Volume Snapshots
  1. Discussion – Student Job Experience
  2. Volume Snapshots
  3. Q & A – Volume Snapshots

Troubleshooting Volumes
  1. Changing Volume Layouts
  2. Tuning Volume Read Policies
  3. Troubleshooting – Stale Plex State
  4. Discussion – Identifying DRL logs

Troubleshooting Disks and Disk Groups
  1. Troubleshooting – Disk Group Versions
  2. Troubleshooting – Disk Group Migration
  3. Troubleshooting – Disk Evacuation for Storage Migration
  4. Plex Detach vs. Plex Dissociation
  5. Overview of Veritas Patching Operation
  6. Recovering a Volume from a detached Plex
  7. Veritas Failed disk replacement