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MS SQL Server Training Institute in Surat

Almost every application requires a database to store the information. Let it be either desktop application or web application. When you use Microsoft technologies to build an application, Microsoft SQL Server is a must. When you are aiming to become a professional developer then your understanding of SQL Server plays an important role. A good back-end design is the backbone of any application. As a developer you need to plan, design and implement the database properly. For this you have to understand the database at its micro level. Our Microsoft SQL server training program helps a developer to understand the database and implement it in applications optimally.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is the best relational database server software which can manage huge amounts of data ranging from small applications to large enterprise applications. It is used for data storage, data management, retrieval of data as requested by applications, analysis and reporting. Sql server can handle single-machine applications like desktop to large internet facing applications i.e. Web/Browser with many concurrent users. It is also a cloud-ready information platform which helps in putting the data in public cloud securely. Many Microsoft technologies and services use only MS SQL Server, for example Dot Net and SharePoint.

Sql Server training is very useful for those who plan their career in programming, web or windows applications using C# or using MSBI tools for data analysis and reports or may be eventually administer database as an SQL-Server DBA. Deccansoft is a sql server training institute where effort is put to maintain high quality teaching and to make sure that every student understands the concepts right. Each topic is explained perfectly with practical demonstration to give a clear imprint of logic in the execution pattern. Learning Sql server helps in learning other database servers easily. As all the Microsoft products use SQL server as backend, there is a huge demand for people working on SQL and we help you master this course.

Yoinsights Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the best SQL server training institute in Surat, Gujarat for Industry professionals, Freshers, Job seekers and Corporates. We offer training on MS SQL Server, Oracle DBA, and My SQL courses with real time expert trainers.


Module 1- SQL Server Concepts & T-SQL Queries
  1. SQL Server Installation
  2. Database Design Concepts
  3. Table Design and Queries
  4. Normalization, Keys and Constraints
  5. Views and Joins – Queries
  6. Indexes and Query Tuning
  7. Stored Procedures – Level 1
  8. Functions and Sub Queries
  9. Stored Procedures with Triggers & Cursors – Level 2
  10. Stored Procedures with Transactions – Level 3
  11. SQL Server Architecture

Module 2- Basic SQL Database Administration
  1. Lock Issues & Deadlocks
  2. Logins, Users & Roles
  3. Object Level Security, Proxies
  4. Backups with T-SQL Scripts
  5. Backups and Restores
  6. Backups, Restores & Recovery
  7. Replication For HA/DR
  8. Replication Tuning & Issues
  9. Log Shipping for Disaster Recovery (DR)
  10. DB Mirroring – DR & HA
  11. Database Audits and Queries
  12. Data Exports (SSIS) & DB Mail

Module 3- Advanced SQL Database Administration
  1. Challenges @ Production DBA
  2. Partitions & Query Tuning
  3. Full Text Indexes & Tuning
  4. Index Management – Tuning
  5. Database Maintenance Plans
  6. Alerts, Issues, Troubleshooting
  7. Service Packs, Upgrades
  8. Introduction to SQL Clusters
  9. Active Directory and DTC
  10. SQL Cluster Configuration
  11. Always-On Availability Groups
  12. SQL Cluster Management
  13. DB Migration & Management
  14. Change Data Capture, Server Aliases
  15. DB Management & 3rd Party Tools