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The integration of machinery & its components with PLC, SCADA, HMI, VFD, Electrical, Electronics & Instrumentation components


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    Welcome to Gujarat’s leading PLC, SCADA and Industrial Automation training institute in Surat

    Industrial Automation, PLC & SCADA Training in Surat is for those who want to start an evergreen career in Automation or for aspirants looking for complete knowledge about Industrial Automation and PLC SCADA. The Industrial Automation course by Yoinsights Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Surat prepares you for real time knowledge of Industry.

    PLC, SCADA and Industrial Automation Training in Surat

    Yoinsights Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Surat offers training for Industrial Automation, PLC & SCADA. Automation segments will always tend to find innovations. Industrial Automation is the integration of machineries and its components with PLC/HMI/SCADA. Electrical, Electronics & Instrumentation components such as Relays, Contactors, DC sources, Emergency Modules, Amplifiers, Displays, Rrecorders, Control Elements, Solenoid Valves, all types of sensors & controllers, limit switch, PID controller, potentiometers, VFDs, will be provided. Industrial automation training module is first of its kind in Gujarat where complete job oriented training will be available which will cover aspects from main monitoring & control part of machine to its implementation or practical application portion.

    At present, automation requirement is there in both domestic as well as international markets where new factories and plants are being built. In a competitive global environment, organic growth will not come easily. But as China and India advance, we expect one or both countries to make major automation acquisitions to enter the U.S. and European markets.

    Yoinsights is the ultimate Industrial Automation and PLC & SCADA training institute. We can proudly say that students trained at our institute have very good command on the subject than those trained elsewhere. Course material covering all the topics is given to help the students learn better. At Yoinsights Technologies all faculties are Real Time Experts who worked with top MNCs so they delivers best knowledge with real scenarios. Daily assignments and regular assessments are conducted to help groom their technical skills. Good learning environment, regular assistance and well cataloged training procedures are the key features of Yoinsights Technologies Industrial Automation, PLC & SCADA Training in Surat, Gujarat.

    PLC, SCADA and Industrial Automation career opportunities in Surat, Gujarat:

    1. Electrical Engineer
    2. Electrical Design Engineer
    3. Electrical Engineer – Facility Automation and Systems
    4. Electrical Research Engineer
    5. Electrical Mechanics Engineer
    Course Outline

    Industrial Automation Training in Surat Course Outline:

    Industrial Automation Training at Yoinsights Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Surat will be delivered by Real-Time Expert Certified Trainers and Training curriculum will be followed as per Industry Standards. Topics covered in PLC SCADA and Industrial Automation Training Course by Yoinsights Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Surat is mentioned below:

    1. The basic concepts of a PLC and its block diagram
    2. Interfacing of the actuators and sensors with the PLC
    3. PLC scan – how a PLC actually executes a logic
    4. Different PLC architectures (standalone, DCS, PLC to PLC/ 3rd party device communication, Redundant systems, etc..)
    5. Networking (RS232, RS485/422, Ethernet, etc) of PLCs and Protocols (DF1, Controlnet, Devicenet, Profibus, Profinet, CAN, etc…)
    6. IEC 61131 programming languages for PLC – Ladder, STL, IL, SFC and FBDs

    Basics of Electrical & Electronics
    1. Current, Voltage , Resistance
    2. Difference between control voltage & Power voltage
    3. AC-DC conversion methods
    4. Encoders/Decoders
    5. Various types of Transformers & Need of Transformers in Electrical panel
    6. Hands on training on Multi meter & its various uses
    7. Types of Circuit breakers & Fuses
    8. Relays & Contactors
    9. Emergency Modules
    10. SMPS & Rectifiers

    RLC & Electrical Control components
    1. Basics of RLC
    2. What is RLC Logic
    3. Importance of RLC
    4. Logic creation/Implementation in RLC
    5. Basic Concept of N.O. & N.C.
    6. Integration of Panel components/ Electronic Modules with
    7. Hands on training on RLC applications
    8. Create various Logics/Applications using real life Electrical Panel components

    Automation using PLC & SCADA
    1. Basic Concept of Automation
    2. Basic Requirement of Automation
    3. Electrical System Concept
    4. Electronic System Concept
    5. Instrumentation System Concept
    6. Types of PLC
    7. Sink & Source Concept in PLC
    8. Programming using Various Language (Ladder, FBD, STL, etc.)
    9. Various Programs to understand concept of N.O & N.C.
    10. Troubleshooting and fault diagnostics of PLC
    11. Case studies for conveyor, motors control, timer & counter applications etc.
    12. Interfacing of PLC with real time various sensors.
    13. What is SCADA???
    14. Basic Introduction of SCADA software
    15. Application designing in SCADA
    16. Interfacing of SCADA software with PLC and its Communication Protocols

    AC Drives Basics
    1. Identify & selection drive hardware
    2. Installation
    3. Commissioning
    4. Application Overview
    5. Introduction to AC Drives, their benefits, working principle, torque loads
    6. Horsepower loads, affinity law, dc braking, dynamic braking etc
    7. Control and power wiring of VFDs
    8. Programming of drive, I/O assignment menu, display menu & its Parameter Setting
    9. Selection Criteria for Drives
    10. Introduction to AC Drives
    11. Speed Control – Fixed / POT / Digital POT / Presets / Timed Based
    12. Configuration of different motor parameter for drives i.e. speed and torque control
    13. Types of braking, ramp selection, jog/inch selection
    14. Remote and Local operation of Variable Speed Drives
    15. Interfacing with PLC,SCADA Software
    16. Troubleshooting
    17. Case study and different applications of Drives in the industry
    18. Basic concept for control terminal wiring of VFDs for different suppliers
    19. How to replace one VFD with another with different Model/Company.

    Sensors & Other Field Devices
    1. All types of Proximity Sensors
    2. All types of Photo sensors
    3. Various types of Flow meters
    4. Various methods for level measurement
    5. Pressure measurement
    6. Solenoid Valves (Pneumatic/Hydraulic)
    7. I/P, P/I, E/P convertors
    8. Mechanical Limit Switches
    9. Actuator Valves
    10. PID Controllers


    PLC, SCADA and Industrial Automation prerequisites:

    1. Basic Digital Logic Design
    2. Basic Electronics and electrical engineering
    3. Basic Knowledge of any computer programming
    4. Basic Knowledge of Microprocessor and Micro-controllers

    Fees & Duration
    Industrial Automation Training Course in Surat
    TrackRegular (Mon-Fri)Weekend(Sat-Sun)
    Duration60 Days8 weeks
    Hours2 HR/Day3-4 HR/Day
    Fees On Request On Request

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